28 Mai Casino Car

The new Mercedes-Benz E Class, which is set to be released on the market in the coming year, will come equipped with an exclusive 28 Mai Casino Car. This classy automobile has all of the luxury trappings that you would expect from a modern day executive vehicle, with features such as an eight-track player, a CD stereo system with iPod dock, and a central heating control that make the interior comfortable during a night of gambling or a day of relaxation at the beach.

The interior of the 28 Mai Casino Car features a leather-trimmed “D” shaped steering wheel with gold-plated accents. The E-Class also has a sporty sportier interior with the addition of high-gloss black sport seats with red stitching on the arms and side panels. An attractive chrome finish is added to the front of the car, as well as to its roof and the side trim.

The interior of the E-Class is also finished in the traditional Mercedes-Benz Red with Black trim scheme, which is an ideal match for the luxurious features of the interior of the car. The interior features a stylish dashboard with dual power switches that are located on either side of the center console. The E-Class features the same large windows that other Mercedes-Benz cars have.

The sports exhaust and side skirt of the E-Class further complete the sporty interior. The E-Class will also feature unique chrome exhaust pipes and a diffuser, which will make any fan of luxury vehicles even more pleased with the E-Class.

The Mercedes E Class will also include a special option that allows the owner to add a custom stereo system to the E-Class that includes the ability to play CD’s with the use of the Alpine player. The E-Class comes standard with a DVD/CD player. There is also the option of having the stereo fitted into the CD changer, although there is a price associated with this particular choice. For those who wish to get the maximum audio quality, it may be necessary to have the stereo fitted to the car’s factory installed stereo, which will be quite a bit more expensive.

The Mercedes-Benz Casino Car will be a true representation of luxury when it is introduced on the market later this year. It is also set to be a very affordable luxury car, which makes it one of the most popular luxury options currently available on the market. The E-Class features a spacious rear seating area with plenty of leg room to allow passengers to lie down while the E Class can hold two people comfortably. In addition to a rear seating position, there is also room to put a larger sized bag or a full size bed.

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