Can You Tell Me If the Casino Woodbine Open to Go to Play

“In conjunction with OLG Casino Properties, One Toronto gambling properties, which includes Casino Woodbine, is temporarily suspending all gaming operations. We thank you for your understanding during this unfortunate situation,” according to a statement by the Casino Authority of Ontario posted on its website. The casino is not expected to re-open until at least February 2020.

Can You Tell Me If the Casino Woodbine Open to Go to Play
Can You Tell Me If the Casino Woodbine Open to Go to Play

As, well as the Casino Authority, there are also a number of Toronto casinos that are closed. Among them is the Hotel Ontario, the casino formerly known as the Ritz-Carlton and the Imperial in the Bay. The Star reported the hotel is closed for the day.

A statement on the website for the casinos said they are “in the process of reviewing all of the events surrounding the shutdown. Until further notice, it is not possible to play the online casino slot games and poker, although there are options to play video poker and live bingo.”

All other games at the casinos are also closed, and the Star reported that the remaining casinos have been instructed by the authorities not to play any game until their investigation is complete. They were also asked to advise the public about their plans.

According to the website, players who had been scheduled to play a number of the remaining games should continue to play. Players were told that, if they had played, that information would be provided to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

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