Gold Casino 1800 387 0098

The Gold Casino is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has two floors and can seat up to 2020 players in single games. Each game consists of two tables with five seats each.

The rooms are very spacious and large. There are a pool table, a shuffle board, an air hockey table, a billiards table, a video poker, a blackjack table, a roulette table, and a bingo table. The rooms also have a lounge, bar, and arcade. The lounge has soft music, soft drinks, and a television. There are also two bars, a barber shop, and a beauty salon in the room.

This casino is very well equipped with the latest gaming systems. The graphics are also very nice and realistic. The tables are of the highest quality and there is no doubt about their quality. In addition, the table tops are covered with white cloth and they are protected with rubberized mats. The lighting is very good and there are even several TV’s in the lounge.

The casino is fully licensed by the state and has an operating license. The casino is very clean and orderly. The staff at the casino always greets their customers courteously. Most of the customers seem to prefer playing the video poker than the roulette. The players at this casino are extremely friendly and always have a smile on their faces. The players are always playing to their full capacity and the staff never seems to be short staffed. They are very nice and patient with their players.

Most players love the fact that they can play for free as long as they want. Many people who visit the Gold Casino for the first time love the fact that there are no entry fees. It is also very rare to find customers who are looking for a cash payout. This casino is very accommodating and offers a lot of amenities. They offer a variety of slot machines, video poker, roulette, blackjack, and bingo.

The casino also offers several different kinds of specials. They have daily special promotions and they also offer a lot of gaming packages. Players can choose from all kinds of gaming packages. The casino also offers special gambling gifts and prizes for their regular patrons. For example, if you play twenty dollars at the casino every day you will be able to get one free drinks.

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