Ingyenes Jatekok Freddy Gogama Go

Ingyenes Jatekok Freddy Gogama Go is a Thai martial art movie starring an amazing cast of martial artists. This film has a unique blend of action, comedy, romance, and drama.

Freddy is a young man who wants to become a martial arts expert. He goes to the local dojo, where he finds many students who are also eager to learn. Eventually he meets his love, Tiffany (Yayee Aung), a beautiful martial artist with a very adventurous spirit. As she falls in love with him, he learns a lot about himself, and she teaches him all she knows.

Freddy and Tiffany eventually have two kids: Chulhee (Sang Chul Lee), and Marni (Cinda Kwun) who both want to learn how to be great fighters as well. When a man called Roly (Watanaan Ratchapatanakul) arrives in the town and offers them a deal, both Freddy and Tiffany go for it. Roly tries to force them to join him and give up their children, but he is stopped by Tiffany who refuses to leave her children with anyone. It soon turns out that Roly is actually an unscrupulous businessman who wants them to get rich quick.

Roly tells them all about the martial arts, but he is not happy with what they learn from him and decides to take the children to train in the Philippines instead. They become stranded there and have to struggle to survive. Eventually Freddy manages to find a way out of the area, but he is unable to prevent Roly’s death.

Freddy is devastated by this and he decides to start a new life alone, trying to forget all about Roly. This leads him to become a thief, so that he can earn some extra money. However, he is forced to face a series of trials and tribulations when Tiffany is revealed as the main suspect behind his downfall.

Freddy eventually finds a way out of the place where he is now, but not before he is forced to face an old friend of his, Yod-Phom (Aung), who was a childhood friend of Freddy’s and is now a police officer. He teaches Freddy a variety of martial arts moves including the Lumpini fist, and the Muay Thai kick.

Freddy has a short time to practice these moves before he gets thrown into jail, and he soon finds himself fighting for his life in a prison camp. In a scene that will make many viewers sit up and take notice, Yod-Phom helps Freddy escape and goes on to save his life after he is beaten badly. Freddy then decides to pursue Yod-Phom for revenge, and it soon turns out that he is a great fighter.

Freddy is also aided by a good friend of his called Korn, who acts as a guide for Freddy, helping him face his enemies and the trials that await him in the near future. Eventually, Freddy manages to get out of prison and returns to the Philippines.

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