Nearest Barber Shop to My Location

Finding the Closest Barber Shop to My Location

Looking for the nearest barber shop to my location? I have found a great way to locate the closest barber shop in your area, no matter what you want. Here is what I did.

The first step I took was to check Google maps to see if there were any barber shops near me. I figured they would be around somewhere. So I ran the location by a friend of mine and she told me it was just about 5 miles away, but I was still not going to find it. After checking all of my friends’ locations I decided that this wasn’t a good way to find the closest barber shop to my location, and I needed a better option.

After checking Google maps and seeing that it was not near my location, I tried contacting local directories. I emailed several barber shops and asked them if they were going to close. Most of them said that they would not be closing for a while. Then I called and spoke with one of their managers. She told me that she would call me back in a few days to find out what I could do to help them. I waited for her to call me back and she never did.

Lastly I found an online article that I read. It explained how a lot of people are using barber shops as their location, because they like the convenience of it. This means that if I am not near a barber shop then I can use Google to find a location.

Using Google to find a place that is not near my location was not that hard. I was able to find a barber shop close to my location by just running a search. It was only about a mile from my location, so that gave me an idea of what I should look for. I noticed that most of the places that I found were busy. This is what I really needed, because I want to find a place that was open and not closed.

Lastly, I decided that I would try this method out on someone else. I wanted to see how I would find the closest barber shop to my location. I ran the same search on the person I just wrote to, and she was able to get a great barber shop near her location.

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