When Will the Canadian Casinos Reopen

No date given for when the Canadian casinos will reopen is known yet, an official spokesperson for Great Canadian Gaming Corporation has said. A statement issued by the corporation mentioned that the casino would be closed from December 14, 2011 until March 10, 2012 and would be relaunched from March 10 onwards. The reopening date has yet to be confirmed by the corporation and there are no details on any type of promotional offers that will be available at the casino. “The casinos have been operating with limited operations as the corporation continues its thorough review of the situation,” Chuck Keeling, CEO of Great Canadian, stated. It is too early to say if there will be any discounts offered to visitors to the casino in the days prior to the reopening, and the casino may use these special days to increase the number of slots players can play.

The reopening has come as a surprise to many who have become regulars at the casino and they wonder how the Canadian companies could have planned to open the casino during these times of economic decline. The announcement of the reopening has led to several inquiries from those interested in making a visit to the casinos in Brantford, Ontario, and some have expressed interest in taking a tour of the casino to obtain information on the reopening.

When Will the Canadian Casinos Reopen
When Will the Canadian Casinos Reopen

The casino will only be opening the doors for people who have a valid travel visa, and anyone who is travelling to Brantford on vacation will have to apply for a visitor visa in advance of visiting the casino. There are certain regulations regarding obtaining an immigrant visa, and it would be advisable to check with the Department of Immigration prior to travelling to Canada. If you are a US citizen or a non-US citizen and you have applied for an immigrant visa in the past and are still waiting for your visa to be approved, then you might be eligible to apply again. There is also a possibility that you could face a denial of your application.

It is not possible to state when the Canadian casinos will reopen completely without knowing the full extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Hazel, and the extent of the flood damage that occurred during the closing weeks of the original casino. Many of the original games at the casino have been relocated to other locations, and the interior and exterior of the casino will take some time to be restored to the condition that it was in before the storm. Some of the rooms will require extensive reconstruction.

The Canadian casinos are owned by a partnership of Canadian companies, and the casinos will continue to operate as usual and the official status of the corporation remains intact. In case of a reopening date, there will be no additional charge for entrance to the casino, and there will be no restrictions on purchasing cards or playing at the casino. The casino will continue to accept deposits made by people wishing to make transfers from their credit cards and to withdraw funds from their accounts. It is possible that the casino will offer promotions and/or discounts during its hours of operation in order to draw attention to its re-opening.

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