Y8 Games Dinosaurs and I

Dinosaur and I have received mixed reviews. Some people liked the game while others hated it. It was not reviewed properly by any of the big gaming sites like GameSpot or IGN.

The storyline of Dinosaur and I was a bit slow. We had to travel from point to point and find the different types of dinosaurs that lived in the area. It was boring for me because I do not really like being trapped in a game where I have to sit and wait for something to happen. I always prefer to do things my way.

The game play was much like a real time strategy game like Starcraft. You need to build bases, gather resources, collect the various types of dinosaurs that are found around the different areas and build your base so that you can control the game.

There were a lot of bugs in Dinosaur and I that bothered me a lot. The game could freeze up during the night. The game did not load up quickly either. The graphics were not really that good and I was actually tired of looking at them after a while.

The game also has a lot of different levels that are randomly generated. The problem is that sometimes there are more dinosaurs that spawn at one time then at another. I would find a new dinosaur to fight and then my old dinosaur would be gone. It makes the game very random and hard to win.

Overall I think this game is okay but it is a little bit boring. I would not recommend this game to children or even adults.

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