SEO top services today

Based on an evaluation of an independent authority on search vendors, TopSEOs USA, the SEO top services today are those who lead and show top performance in the areas of Pay per Click Management, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing. Other top services also include Integrated Search and Social Media, as well as Web Design, eCommerce SEO, Enterprise Social Media, Enterprise SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

SEO top services today also includes excellence in the tools and applications developed by companies, some offer free backlinks site list the software and the innovative products produced by newer companies not only in the US but other countries as well.  Such services address five core areas which are: link analysis, link prospecting, finding contact information, outreach management, and tracking and reporting.

One emerging potential area being explored by new companies is the impact of social media on social signals. Social awareness is one of the effects created by social signals. Social signals are based on the “performance” of individual users on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Stumbleupon, Linkedin, Delicious, and Reddit, you can check hybrid traffic for quality social signals.

A group of likers, tweeters, commenters who make positive comments and sharers of a specific idea, person, product or business represent the magnitude of the performance of a social media site for a particular individual.

Most of the leading companies on SEO top services have a revenue of $5 to $10 million such as the Digital Marketing Agency based in Chicago, Illinois.  These companies have about 200 to 500 clients and employ some 48 to 90 employees. They average a client retention rate of 96 to 98 percent and shows 100 on-page and off-page optimization.  Included among the leading companies on SEO top services are Higher Visibility found in Cordova, Tennessee and Outer Box based in Akron, Ohio.

SEO services on tools and software or applications have also surfaced.  For backlink analysis and competitor research Ahrefs’ massive link index gives it a competitive advantage, combined with a clean UI that provides a true analysis powerhouse.  If you want to know which outlets and journalists to pitch, for instance, Ahrefs can give research competitor coverage in the news. With Ahrefs, you can quickly find new and lost links.  With Ahrefs, you don’t waste time waiting for the crawler to return results.

One significant application of Ahrefs and BuzzSumo is in generating a list of influencers, journalists, and bloggers in any industry, then tracking the interactions with them all in one place. These SEO tools can easily export records of sites that link to content similar to a client’s or one’s site.  With these power techniques, content can be analyzed by popularity or prioritize to make a high-impact outreach or craft the right pitch.

For Link Tracking and Reporting, Ahrefs and Google Sheets were found to be the best tools.  With Ahrefs’ massive 12 trillion link index, one can get accurate, up-to-the-minute data on backlinks. An SEO specialist can send new backlinks to an RSS feed to always stay on top of new links and get email alerts for new backlinks. In conjunction with Google Analytics, the new links report is authoritative and can be used in a custom GA report to obtain data on referral traffic.  


Master These 10 Tips to Write a Viral Press Release

Today, it’s not enough that your press release is sent to a press release distribution service or pitched directly to the media. The competition is so stiff that your release needs to be present on social media for maximum distribution.

You can’t just post your release on social media channels without a goal. You have to make sure that it goes viral.

How will you create a viral release? First, you have to give the readers a reason to care about your content. You have to offer a creative piece that will make them want to click on your content.

You also have to think outside the box when crafting your release. Create content that is more than the boring statistics or heavy text releases.

press release distribution

What is a viral release?

According to Neil Patel, a digital marketing expert, to become viral, your content must be distributed widely and rapidly by the web users.

“You want to create content that’s intended to be shared and spread like a virus.”

Here are 10 tips to create a viral press release:

  1. Choose the right social media channel.

There are a number of social media platforms that you can focus on- Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Keep in mind that the content can vary depending on the platform.

For example, if you choose LinkedIn, you should create a Pulse article or post a LinkedIn update. If you opt for Instagram, you can post a series of images with a catchy caption to tell a story.

  1. Write content with high engagement.

A content on social media ranks based on its capacity to engage the users. In short, engaging content is found on top, while less engaging content is found at the bottom.

Marketers should aim to create viral releases that provide high engagement. It reaches audiences extensively. Added to that, engaging content is most likely to be re-shared by users.

  1. Focus on target audience.

You will not be able to create viral content if you don’t understand your target. It should be written in a way that speaks to the audience. If they can relate to it, they will share it.

Every marketer should have a marketing persona. A persona is how you describe your target customer that includes information, such as psychographic and demographic, content preferences and social media behavior.

In order to do this, you should have an activity where you can speak directly with real customers and prospects. Discover their interests, and what factors matter to them before making a buying decision and the type of content they share. Knowing the answers to these questions can guide you on how you’ll create pieces that can go viral.

  1. Time its release.

It is necessary that you schedule the time of releasing your content. You need to consider the social media channel of your target audience as well as their preferences and habits. By considering these elements, you can increase your audience engagement. Official review site.

  1. Collaborate with social media influencers.

The Influencer marketing tactic is believed to be effective, according to almost 95 percent of marketers who have tried it. Influencers like bloggers have the potential to enhance the reach of your content and help with viral campaigns.

  1. Use advertising.

Brands, especially small businesses may find it difficult to create viral campaigns. Aside from the mentioned, you have to invest on paid ads on social media channels to improve the visibility of your campaign.

Create ads that are designed for influencers. This way, when they find it interesting and useful, they will share it to their tens of thousands of followers. It’s a quick strategy to widen your reach.

  1. Have a clear call-to-action.

Make the engagement matter. When you have targeted your customer’s attention, provide them with a clear CTA. It’s not enough that they like or share your content.

You have to lead them to the next step to create a more, deeper engagement with your brand. Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter or click on your video clip? Provide a CTA that can help grow your reach and brand.

  1. Track the performance.

When you launch campaigns, you have to use analytics tool to track the performance and results. You have to know what works and which is not. This will give you information for a more valuable and useful campaigns in the future.

  1. Share unique content.

You have to ensure that your release is original and unique. It is an ingredient for successful engagement.

  1. Amplify it.

When your release goes viral, make sure to create a content to send to the media. Now it is easier to grab their attention because you are sure to be sharing a newsworthy release.

Follow these 10 tips to make your press release go viral. You have to ensure that your content is not only newsworthy, but it has the qualities to make it shareable.